Psychic Protection E-Course

This is a complete audio recording of the Psychic Protection Course.Psychic protection course - Eye of Horus

Both on the spiritual journey, and sometimes just in life, we encounter hostile energies that can disturb our peace of mind, health, our material security, and sometimes our very lives. Problems can come from negative entities, and from hostile rivals in the work environment, sometimes from practicing black magicians, and often those in power and authority can have a similar effect on us just from the sheer weight of their negativity backed up by a position of power.

Because of the level of negativity becoming common in the world today, this Psychic Protection Course is going to give some very advanced magickal empowerments usually reserved for high adepts and professional occultists of the Javanese magickal arts. These methods have been tried and tested against the darkest sorcery from India, Arabia, Africa and China.

The course will include empowerments of tenaga dalam, the gaining of angelic helpers (khodams), and development of the kundalini. Some powerful protective rituals will be taught, which are simple to follow, and exercises for locating and identifying psychic attacks, and reversing them back upon the sender.


(This course is also available as a 2-day workshop.)