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Also known as Wuhan pneumonia, the corona virus is causing much concern as it is already spreading worldwide, and there is no drug that can kill it. It kills about one eighth of those infected. There has been talk about it being a weaponized virus, but it seems far more likely that it has mutated from over use of pharmaceutical drugs. Just like the superbugs that develop from over use of disinfectants and antiseptics, you could see this coming. Unnatural medical practices store up trouble for later, and sooner or later create complicated diseases that cannot be cured by drugs. To prevent or cure this disease, the essential first step is to return to natural healing modalities.

Here are some practical remedies:

Essential Oils

No 1: Oreganol P73. This is from wild mountain oregano, and is the most effective form of oregano oil. It is also edible. 2 drops in water every two hours while the infection is present will remedy it. Once the danger is over, or to prevent infection, three times a day is enough.

Tea tree oil can be used externally only i.e. in a vapouriser to stop the virus from spreading. Tea tree oil should not be ingested – see side effects.

Energetic Remedies and Empowerment

As once before, I will give out the Virus Inhibitor Field empowerment free to anyone who requests it.  The Virus Inhibiter Field is an energetic field that will bond with the human energy field to inhibit the transformation of bacteria into harmful viruses. It’s a kind of upgrade to our immune systems. Email me for the manual and empowerment. This is an energetic modality that can be used to stop the reproduction of any virus.

Here is another energetic modality, that was passed to me by Peter Chappell:

Source Resonances are a new way to treat specific epidemic diseases. This approach is based on natural methods of stimulating immune responses and is delivered by an audio recording of sea waves breaking on the seashore that you listen to.

For protection from and treatment of corona virus infection, listen to the audio for 3 minutes once (so listen to the above  1 minute sound file 3 times in a row), and then repeat for one minute on following days if you feel this is necessary.

For those who find such methods far-fetched, remember the work of Harry Oldfield, who proved that epidemics spread electromagnetically, much faster than a virus could travel on the wind. It shows that epidemics have an electromagnetic element. The Source Resonance sound file can be used for prevention as well as for treating those who are infected.

Detox and rebuild your immune system

The most important consideration is to detox and rebuild your immune system, and not rely on drugs. I recommend doing a raw juice cleanse, and using immune boosting herbs such as Pau D’Arco, black elderberry, and cats claw.

The emotional stresses that weaken the immune system are also important to deal with. Fear and shame are stored in the thymus gland. To really boost the immune response, it is necessary to clear all the stored fear and shame. The most effective way of doing this is through Body Electronics. This is a point holding system that brings out memories from the DNA, and in so doing regenerates the body. It is the fastest way to regenerate a weakened immune system. However, do be sure to train under someone who was directly trained by Dr John Ray, as there are many diluted forms these days which don’t have the real power.

I will be giving a three-week Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Intensive course in Thailand, starting March. 15th. This will be particularly useful to those living in the East where the virus is most predominant.

And finally, an important step to keeping yourself safe from such diseases is to step back from any panic and empower yourself. See my free e-course “Take Back Your Power” which you can access by signing up below.

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  1. How I wish people would listen and not give their power over to big pharma. Herbs are very powerful and effective against viruses, if you know what you are doing. Thank you for the article, and the sound file. Great.

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