Bifurcation – what is it? and why it’s so Important to Raise Your Vibration NOW

Bifurcation and Evolution

You may have heard this word a lot recently, as an event we are fast approaching. To understand this word, we need to start by looking at theories of evolution. Darwin’s theory was completely disproven. Most modern theories of evolution are based on Prigogine’s work with open systems. Living organisms were shown to follow the same patterns as any open system. Influences from the environment form a part of the functioning of an open system. If the external influences are increased to a point where the system is overwhelmed, it breaks down and reorganises at a higher level. The new system is non-causal and non-linear with the previous system.

 When any species gets to this point of breaking down and reorganising, which is usually seen as a mutation, it can either become more primitive or more complex in order to continue to survive. This is the bifurcation point. It’s basically a splitting into two ways, like a fork in the road.

As human beings, we are more aware (or can be) of creating our own reality, and influencing timelines. At certain crucial points, this bifurcation can lead to a splitting of realities; both the more complex and more primitive forms exist, but in separate realities. More about this below.

Alternate Realities

This last happened with the fall of Atlantis about 12000 years ago. We have evolved from the Atlantis that met with disaster. There is an alternate reality for those who created the miracle. They will live in a parallel dimension, and we are not aware of each other. This is the kind of bifurcation we are approaching again. To grasp this idea of parallel realities, consider Bohr’s wave/particle duality. Everything is energy. It only localises into a particle when observed. Energies exist that we don’t observe; they only become manifest when we are able to observe them. So basically, those focusing on disaster will manifest a different reality from those focusing on a miraculous creation.

The energies co-exist, but the physical manifestations are separate. It may be easier to think of this as two different dimensions in the same space, or like a television, where all channels exist as waves, but you only watch the channel your TV is currently attuned to. The lesson learned from the past, is that you don’t get onto the miraculous side by sitting on the fence. You have to actively take part in co-creating it.

Our Current Choice

This co-creation can come in many forms. First you see those in public fighting hard against the lies and working towards a better world politically, then there are many unseen visualising a better world and working their magick. Either way, you have to be focused on what you want to create. You can do this entirely through visualisation, or you can be more proactive.

Right now, there are two obvious possible realities the world is moving to. One is where the global elite win, there is a great reset, no one owns anything, there is no freedom or privacy, DNA has been manipulated to create a slave race, and all spiritual awareness and higher faculties have been shut down. The other is where truth is revealed, people wake up, the oppression is stopped, and we create a world of abundance, freedom, happiness and spiritual awakening. Both will exist, but you only experience one; you don’t see the people in the other reality. So, trying to save the whole human race is not the issue; you can only decide which side you are moving to. (Incidentally, many people were expecting this bifurcation in 2012, but it turns out there was a miscalculation due to not having considered the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.)

But What About Our Loved Ones?

This makes our goal a little less difficult to attain, but brings up other problems. The most pressing concern is: what if we choose the positive side, but our loved ones are going to the negative reality? Do we just accept that we can’t take them with us? What kind of world will we be in if people give up on their loved ones? This is where we really need to step up our spiritual understanding. The truth is, those closest to us are reflections of ourselves. We haven’t fully transformed if we haven’t transformed them too. We meet a big obstacle here in all the common advice telling you that you can’t change other people, that this is manipulation etc, but I am not talking about manipulation. There are three points to consider:

1)      We only truly transform people through love, without judgement, not by demanding that they change. Love doesn’t say “you have to change”, or “don’t change because I love you as you are”, rather it says “I love you as you are, but through my love you become more”.

2)      Everyone close to us holds a reflection of our shadows. When we do our shadow work, and we change on a deep level, all those who reflect our shadows also change.

3)      Morphogenetic resonance. When you change at a genetic level, your family also change, and gradually this ripples out to change the world.

So, if you do this inner work, your family will change too. Don’t try to force them to change, just keep unconditional love towards them, and work on your own transformation, being sure to include your shadow work. Look at all your loved ones as reflections of your shadow, and work on whatever this brings up in you. For those who haven’t done shadow work before, I teach this in the Darkness Course and the Ultimate Healing Course, both of which can be done online.

Recognising Your Authority to Create Your Reality

The next problem is that as people wake up, they see all the horrible agendas and want to go back to sleep again. This is nothing new, but it has become amplified by recent events. It has always been one of the components of balance we have to learn on the magickal path — to balance presence with authority. If you wake up, you need authority, so you can change the things you see if you don’t like them. Without authority, you go into overwhelm. Authority in its true sense is nothing to do with control over others. Notice it contains the word “author”. It means you are the author of your own life. In New Age terms, it means owning that you create your own reality. That at first means personally, then locally, and eventually globally.

Step 1: Raise Your Vibration

So, what’s the easiest way to ensure we go over to the positive side of bifurcation, and draw our loved ones with us? As we are basically choosing between a high vibration and a low vibration, the first priority is to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION. There are supportive energies in the world to help us make this shift if we will receive them. A higher vibration will help you understand and integrate what I have written about above, so you flow with it naturally. There are two empowerments I have started giving out at this time, created by Indonesian masters, designed to awaken all our higher spiritual faculties, and tune our chakras at a much higher level: The God Vibration Mastery Sequence, which has two levels, and the Unlimited Potential Chakra Attunements. I am extending a special offer on these to help more people.

If you feel overwhelmed by all that has to be done, just receive these simple attunements and let them change your resonance. As your spiritual power awakens and aligns to the greater possibilities of this time, you will find it natural and easy to co-create a better world.


Another easy tool you can use to help you raise your vibration is that of sacred geometry. When you meditate with mandalas, they help to change your vibration by initiating a change in brain and body chemistry. This then causes your DNA and cellular make up to vibrate at a higher frequency. More information is given here. If you wish to work in this way, this is a gift to you from one of my students. This mandala resonates the frequency of freedom, peace, and love. When you meditate with this you will be helping to raise your vibration and connect to the frequency of these emotions. You can download it by clicking on this link.


Step 2: Work with Shadow, Creation/Dis-creation and Resonance

The next step after that is to learn to do your shadow work, create and dis-create realities, work with love, and learn to work with morphogenetic resonance to change DNA and watch the transformation spread to others. We work with this in the Ultimate Healing Course. In this online course you will be guided through all these processes. This will enable you to heal yourself very deeply, release all the deep beliefs that hold you back, dis-create problem situations, and heal others.

How Long have we Got?

A final question people ask: how long have we got? Astrologically, it’s the start of the Age of Aquarius, but astrologers don’t entirely agree on when this is. If you create your reality, then you decide when bifurcation happens. To some, it’s already happening. There are some already lost in slavery and darkness, and there are some nations already adopting Gesara Nesara*, which will bring abundance to the people. What we do know is that it’s coming, so if you have been thinking about furthering your spiritual growth, now is a good time to start. Don’t wait.

Join me on my free Questions & Answers call on Saturday, 7 May at 10am UK time where I’ll be discussing ‘ Bifurcation: choosing miraculous change’ before answering your questions.

*GESARA-Global Economic Security and Recovery Act. NESARA-National Economic Security and Recovery Act. This a plan for debt forgiveness and monetary reform, based on a gold-backed currency. It’s worth looking up if you haven’t heard of it.

Further Exploration of Bifurcation

In this video ‘Bifurcation Explained’, I answer the questions listed below.

1min33 How will we experience the splitting of realities and being in two different realities?

2min47 Are you saying there are multiple realities that co-exist with us today?

3min18 What is the relevance of Atlantis and what we are experiencing right now with regards to bifurcation?

4min18 Is there anything we can learn from the last bifurcation split in Atlantis?

4min59 Which examples of co-creation can we actively take part in to ensure we get to choose our future reality?

6min5 How do we let these helpful energies in?

6min 52 You talk about two realities. What will the low vibration reality be like for those who go there?

7min21 If I go to the miraculous reality, what about my loved ones who don’t believe in bifurcation or who don’t make an attempt to raise their vibration?

8min51 How will I experience the loss of those people in my life who go to the lower vibration reality?

9min32 You talk about the two realities that resulted from the split of Atlantis. Where is the alternative reality now?

10min13 Can someone from one reality make contact with someone from the other reality?

10min46 Can you talk about the David Hawkins levels of consciousness and how bifurcation ties in with this?

12min56 How can you tell the difference between a suppressed negative emotion coming up to be experienced vs a new negative experience?

13min 32 Will we remember the time prior to bifurcation?

13min55 Will bifurcation only affect humans or will it affect plants and animals too?

14min 29 Can you summarise, for those who wish to go to the miraculous side, what is it that they need to be doing right now?

15min13 What can they do for their loved ones — those who also wish to come into the miraculous reality?

15min35 If people want to work with you re raising their vibration or on any of the other topics you have mentioned, what do they need to do?

17min01 Any final remarks that you would like to make?

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  1. Thank you, this post helps clarify anxieties especially around the welfare of others, but I sense some people are completely gone in terms of going deeper into the AI/cyber matrix. Their choice is made. Hopefully more will wake up and can change their course, regardless of the jabs etc.

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