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Awaken Creativity and Fulfill Your Dreams

The Importance of Imagination and Dreaming

Creativity seems to be taking a battering these days. The State is even encouraging artists to give up their art and retrain as computer programmers. When you do this, a bit of the soul dies. If you are to grow to your full potential and fulfill your dreams, it’s time to understand the importance of imagination.

As children we dream a lot. A baby sleeps so much, not because it needs rest, but because it needs to dream. Dreaming is developing the brain in a particular way. This develops before logic and reason because it is more essential to health and life. If a baby does not dream, it becomes seriously ill. One of the oldest ways to heal a child of a critical condition was to put your forehead to its forehead and give it your dreams. It’s not possible if you don’t have dreams yourself.

So why is dreaming so important? It’s our gateway to the future. We are goal-oriented beings. We need to dream of a future so we can continuously improve ourselves and our lives. Dreams are the source of our motivation. Without them, life becomes too real, we have no purpose, and we begin to die. Dreams are also the source of our individuality. When we rebel as teenagers, we are beginning to find our own wills, separate from the wills of our parents and teachers. Then we learn to think for ourselves, and form dreams that bring out our talents and lead the world towards progress. As we develop spiritual awareness, we find that we can manifest our dreams. This is when we gain confidence in our power.

We lose all this power when our dreams are crushed. At school we are told to stop day dreaming and concentrate on our studies, and what we are told is practical. Stop and consider what practical means. We are conditioned to think we have to forget imagination and dreams and be entirely materialistic in our thinking, and to work hard, even though it doesn’t seem to produce good results. Surely, practical should mean what works most efficiently. If one can create far more with a bit of magick than one can create through hard work, isn’t that practical? It seems the real reason for such teachings is to keep you in a box and stop your growth, so you remain slaves for others to profit from your hard work.

Reclaiming your Imagination, Dreams and Creativity

So, what do you do if you find your imagination has become weak, your dreams are small, and you don’t have the faith to even manifest small dreams, let alone the big dreams you came here to fulfil? The first thing to do is to realise you have lost power through false teachings and pressure to conform, so start taking your power back from all the teachers, parents, peers and authority figures that took it from you. (See my free course: “Take Back Your Power”).

Next, start to understand where creativity comes from. It’s something that exists beyond individuals, but feeds us all. One of the highest planes we can conceive, stemming from Source, is the Imaginal Realm; a place of wild, unharnessed creativity where imagination imagines itself. There you find an imagination much greater than your own. You can absorb this and become far more creative and powerful than you have ever been. From the Imaginal Realm, the energy is filtered through the ethers before reaching the physical plane.

Knowing these levels is an important key to reclaiming your lost creativity. The ethers are the realms of the elements and the spirits of nature. These elements feed us. The earth elementals feed us the chi that can improve our physical health. Water elementals feed our imagination and emotions. Fire spirits feed our passion and will. Air spirits strengthen the mind, and help us gain wisdom and discrimination.

Doorway to the Fae

The ethers are also the doorway to the Fae, who bring us magick. Before you dismiss such ideas as childish, realise that this is another way the church and other agents of control keep you from your power. Faeries have been diminished to these little gossamer-winged creatures of children’s books. This is a completely different picture from the Irish mythology of the Fae.

All traditions of healing and power honour spirits of some kind. The Fae are as powerful as any tradition, and most accessible to the Western mind. It’s well worth reading up on this mythology to move you away from the distorted images of children’s stories. The Treasure of the Tuatha de Danann is a good example. Realise also that elementals can play with your imagination, and give you images of mermaids, gnomes, sylphs etc. It’s fine to let your imagination play with them, but remember that it is imagination, and there is something far more real beyond these images. And don’t knock the imagination: it’s your most powerful tool.

Reconnecting to Nature is Key

Our rapport with nature is an important part of our power and divinity. When we remain connected to the earth and nature, our life force and creative power are being nourished, so we are able to dream, and manifest our dreams. Nature also imbues us with a level of wisdom, so we are able to balance our imaginations with discrimination, so we can move forward with a practical plan of gradually manifesting our dreams. When fantasy is balanced with wisdom it becomes fantasia.

Our dreams are big and expansive, and crafting the life we want is a never-ending dance. So if you really want to embrace your full self, I strongly suggest you reacquaint yourself with nature. Take time to walk in nature, meditate with trees, use herbs and flower essences to balance yourself, and dream. Even fantasy is there to sharpen your imagination. Important tools should be sharpened. Invite the elementals to heal your mind, body, emotions, imagination and will. Just sit with them in nature and see what a difference this can make.

Healing Our Lost Drives

Awakening the full power of your imagination is a journey that will take you through your darkness to find what is unforgivable in you, and finally heal it, to awaken the ultimates of your drive, desire and need, i.e. the deepest and highest urges we have that can lead to our ultimate fulfilment. Our ultimate drive is for the revelation of secrets; secrets of self and secrets of life. This drive wanes through shame. We no longer want to look inside, because we are afraid of what we will see. When we hold ourselves as unforgivable, that drive is lost. Then instead of growing because we want to, we have to have problems to force us to grow. When we heal this, we restore the drive, and our path to power opens up, and the constant problems disappear.

This is covered in great depth in my High Magick online course, which is a series of deep initiations to take you through your darkness into the Imaginal Realm and to your full power. I would suggest you start with the Faerie Magick course to build your rapport with nature, the ethers, and the Fae, then on to the Faerie Initiations course, to gain a greater depth of magick. These courses will awaken your full creativity, your magick, help you to fulfill your dreams and connect you to your soul like never before. Your spirituality will really begin to sizzle, and you will learn to work magick to master your reality on an unbelievable level.

For further reading, see my books, Shamanic Healing, and Spiritual Allies from the Plant Kingdom.

Also, if you need help in reconnecting to nature and the Earth, i.e. you don’t feel nourished by nature, your energy is low, your health isn’t what it used to be, and you feel ungrounded, you can book a distant healing where I can use Faerie magick to weave that connection into you. (Faerie magick involves weaving the etheric structure of your energy body and the earth, thus making huge changes in the energy flow and your relationship with the earth – it is an attunement and skill taught on my Faerie Magick course).

My Faerie Magick online course is currently on a launch discount until 4.7.21 and includes my Underworld Journeying course as a bonus.

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