Relationship Magick: What’s Blocking Your Intimate Relating?

Relationship Magick

Relationship Magick is probably the most complex topic to deal with, as it is not just about love spells, but the complex blockages people tend to put in the way. There are so many reasons why one may not feel ready for a relationship, although he/she may crave one. I want to go over these blockages […] Read more »

Sex and Vodou: Messages from Ghede

Sex and Voodoo - Ghede's Altar Haiti

Ghede is the Vodou Lwa (deity) of sex and death. Ghede is constantly amused by man’s base sexual motivation, and his constant need to hide it within something else. Having been “ridden”* by him many times, and having heard many of his discourses, I have decided to compile some of his basic messages. These cover […] Read more »

Sexuality, Tantra and the Ancient Goddess

Sexual Healing Workshop

Orgasm to Enlightenment Ancient matriarchal religion always honoured sexuality as the primal power of creation and the easiest path to enlightenment. What happens at the moment of orgasm is that the consciousness shoots up through the crown chakra into union with the higher self and back again. This is often so quick one does not […] Read more »

Aghora Tantrik Empowerments


I am often asked what makes certain empowerments so much more powerful than any others. To explain this I need to explain the path of the Aghora. The Path of the Aghora Aghora is a very serious tantrik path, following Shiva or Kali. I follow Kali. It is a path involving tantra and necromancy, often […] Read more »

The Silver Shree Yantra – Advanced Tantrik Power

Silver Shree Yantra

Tantric Powers of the Silver Shree Yantra (aka Sri Yantra) This is a more advanced level of the Shree Yantra, which enhances the basic power through the lunar qualities of silver, but to explain its power fully, I will need to explain clearly what tantra is. Tantra is often associated with sexuality, but there is […] Read more »