The Science of Safety & Magickal Protection

The science of safety - armoured knights with shield and lances

The Need for Safety The Indonesian magickal arts known as the Science of Safety are little known, apart from the invulnerability empowerments known as Tenaga Dalam. This art is designed to make one invulnerable to knife attacks and other sharp weapons, but this is only a small part of what is known as safety sciences. [...] Read more »

Legendary Magickal Powers – How real are they?

pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

If you have ever read through old grimoires (textbooks of magick), you will have found some amazing claims for magickal powers resulting from long spiritual disciplines, such as flying long distances, manifesting money out of nowhere, making a purse that is always magickally filled with cash etc. Some you would either dismiss as fantasy, or [...] Read more »

Matter is an Illusion Created by Consciousness


Ultimate Healing is the name I have given to a core part of my magickal healing work. It is the basis for my powerful Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course which I run every summer, a major part of my core Tethatu Shamanic Healing Training and a series of  Body Electronics Advanced Pointholding workshops. I have written [...] Read more »

Crystal Magick: Their Powers & How to Work with them on Autopilot

Crystal Magick

There is vast untapped potential within crystals, which the World is still discovering. In the last century, science has been discovering the power of crystals. This century, it is time for magicians to awaken to the greater, hidden powers that crystal magick can bring. Rather than concentrate on techniques and uses of particular crystals, I [...] Read more »

Radiation Immunity and Protection

Radiation immunity empowerment

With the increase in nuclear reactor leaks (particularly at Fukushima in Japan), as well as the overwhelming presence of microwaves, ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves and HAARP in the atmosphere, not surprisingly people are becoming concerned about the dangers to their health. Actually, there are a number of radiation immunity and protection solutions already available. [...] Read more »

Talismans: Sacred Symbols of God

Talismans with Hindu Yantras

A talisman is a sacred symbol designed as a link to a particular expression of divinity. It differs from an amulet, which is worn to create a protective force field, or a charm, that is made to hold a specific spell. The power is not seen as residing in the talisman itself, but rather in [...] Read more »