Universal Laws and Healing – Day 1 Talk

DNA strand

Peter’s Body Electronics – Ultimate Healing Course is becoming ever-more popular – so much so that it will be run four times in 2016 – already happened in outer London in January, and now just scheduled for Thailand in April, as well as The Netherlands in June and Devon, UK in July/August. At the beginning […] Read more »

Miracles Beyond Your Imagination


There has been a lot of research done on the conditions and perceptions that tend to produce miracles. I want to start by defining a miracle. 1) A miracle is beyond what you are willing and capable of imagining. 2) A miracle is amplified coincidence or synchronicity, that you allow to stand out, and has […] Read more »

Healing Shame – The Hidden Root of Auto-Immune Disease

Healing shame - often passed on to children

The Devastating Effects of Shame The metaphysical cause of all immune problems is fear and shame. These emotions tend to be stored in the thymus gland. The problem is that shame is often so hidden one seldom knows just how much is there. It gets masked in dysfunctional behaviour which is accepted as normal. A […] Read more »

Sex and Vodou: Messages from Ghede

Sex and Voodoo - Ghede's Altar Haiti

Ghede is the Vodou Lwa (deity) of sex and death. Ghede is constantly amused by man’s base sexual motivation, and his constant need to hide it within something else. Having been “ridden”* by him many times, and having heard many of his discourses, I have decided to compile some of his basic messages. These cover […] Read more »

Ultimate Healing Course – Day 1 Talk

Healing course: Body electronics or point holding graphic showing purple figure lying down with dots representing energy points

At the start of each day of Peter’s point-holding courses, he gives a talk on what we will be covering that day and gives participants a chance to ask any questions before getting down to the bodywork. Below is a recording of Peter’s talk on the first day of the 2014 Ultimate Healing Course. Click […] Read more »

Sexuality, Tantra and the Ancient Goddess

Sexual Healing Workshop

Orgasm to Enlightenment Ancient matriarchal religion always honoured sexuality as the primal power of creation and the easiest path to enlightenment. What happens at the moment of orgasm is that the consciousness shoots up through the crown chakra into union with the higher self and back again. This is often so quick one does not […] Read more »