Dragons: Our Magickal Allies & Guardians of the Earth

Dragon Magick - Dragon made of flames

Dragons are basically our greatest allies in making change. Naturally, those who like to keep you powerless make sure that the truth is lost. Dragons get painted as evil, or reduced to story book characters, so nobody remembers what they really are. Recharge your energy with Dragon Power Dragons are representatives of the most primal [...] Read more »

Healing the Web

Shree Yantra

I want to begin with a deeper explanation of the Shree Yantra, and how it symbolizes the very fabric of reality. 19 Dimensional String Theory & the Shree Yantra I started out as a physicist. I was very engrossed in studying 19 dimensional string theory, which I found to be the best scientific explanation of [...] Read more »

Dragon and Faery Magick, Ley Lines & Temples of Atlantis in Glastonbury & Dartington

Dragon and Faery Magick, Ley Lines & Temples of Atlantis in Glastonbury & Dartington

Here is an interview I gave where I talked about my work raising sleeping dragons to help clear the earth energies in Glastonbury and Dartington in Devon. I also talk about the Temples of Atlantis in those areas and of the area around Dartington being a centre for developing psychic and occult powers and for [...] Read more »

Sacred Activism: A Shamanic Perspective

Sacred Activism to save planet Earth

Activism within spirituality is becoming a popular topic – not surprising really when you consider the destruction of human, animal and plant life that abounds; not to mention the ongoing damage to the environment generally and consequent climate change. I recently came across an article Why Activism Needs the Sacred by Carolyn Baker in the [...] Read more »

Why we need Magick

Meaning of Life

Before even considering the immense practical benefits many of us find through magick, I first wish to address some fundamental needs that are not met within the “normal” structure of society, or what is considered to be politically correct. The first important topic I wish to discuss is that of meaning to life. Having Meaning [...] Read more »

Aghora Tantrik Empowerments


I am often asked what makes certain empowerments so much more powerful than any others. To explain this I need to explain the path of the Aghora. The Path of the Aghora Aghora is a very serious tantrik path, following Shiva or Kali. I follow Kali. It is a path involving tantra and necromancy, often [...] Read more »