Sexuality, Tantra and the Ancient Goddess

Orgasm to Enlightenment

Orgasm to Enlightenment Ancient matriarchal religion always honoured sexuality as the primal power of creation and the easiest path to enlightenment. What happens at the moment of orgasm is that the consciousness shoots up through the crown chakra into union with the higher self and back again. This is often so quick one does not […] Read more »

Magic Charms, Spells & Standing Waves

Magic charms made by Peter Aziz

Magic charms can be any kind of object that are used to bring supernatural help to answer needs or resolve problems. Charms can therefore include talismans or amulets, but the word is usually used to describe any other occult device that doesn’t come under these two categories. Types of Magic Charms Generally, charms are divided […] Read more »

The Importance of Shadow Work

Shadow Work

With the modern tendency for light work, shadow work often gets neglected, and yet our shadow contains many important keys to our freedom and growth. Denying it only causes problems, as everything you deny, the shadow will bring to you, seemingly from the outside. This isn’t confined to what we consider bad or negative, as […] Read more »

Dream Magick & Faeries

dream magic and the faeries

Creativity & the Imaginal Realm Before understanding how faeries can greatly enhance dream magic, it will be useful to understand the different perspective and boundaries faeries have from us. Faeries are far more expressive emotionally, and have greater imagination. This in itself allows far greater magick. They are not limited to 3 dimensions as are […] Read more »

Virus Protection & the Ebola Scare


Health Scares & Misinformation I had just written most of the article below when I became aware of this information posted by a Ghanaian, Nana Kwame. This article says that Ebola is being deliberately spread via vaccination for the purposes of foreign corporate profit and control. Another article attempts to debunk some of this – […] Read more »

Are Faeries Real?

Are fairies real

Popular Misconceptions about Faeries Before explaining the place of faeries in the cosmic scheme, I wish to clear up some popular misconceptions, which are largely propagated by fairy tale books. Chauvinism ravages the perception of faerie. Singular authority makes us think we are the ruling authority, so faeries are seen as diminutive people. They are […] Read more »