Relationship Magick: What’s Blocking Your Intimate Relating?

Relationship Magick

Relationship Magick is probably the most complex topic to deal with, as it is not just about love spells, but the complex blockages people tend to put in the way. There are so many reasons why one may not feel ready for a relationship, although he/she may crave one. I want to go over these blockages […] Read more »

Living an Empowered Life

God Vibration

Listen here to the second half of the talk I gave on the second day of my Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course in 2015. Part 1 can be found here: Growth through Crisis. This talk covers many areas including: How to live an empowered life Impact vs resonance The process of creation   You can listen to […] Read more »

Impact vs Resonance

Impact vs Resonance

The topic of impact vs resonance is one I deal with in depth in my healing courses and on the  audio recording at the end of this article. For now, I wish to clarify the two different models of how we shape our World. The idea of impact is based on mechanics; Newtonian physics, such as […] Read more »

Growth through Crisis

Growth through crisis

The following is part transcription, part notes from the first half of the talk I gave on the second day of my Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course in 2015. Part 2 can be found at Living an Empowered Life. Much of the talk explores the opportunities for growth through crisis. You can listen to the […] Read more »

Negative Manifestation vs Allowing Full Emotion – Part 2: Love

Power of love

  Coming back to our basic paradox of releasing our negative feeling, while trying to keep a positive focus to manifest our dreams, the most important ingredient that makes it all possible is love. First of all, self love. One has to love oneself enough to allow all negativity without judgement, but with total and […] Read more »

Negative Manifestation vs Allowing Full Emotion

Negative Emotion

The following paradox has often come up for many people as I teach them to fully feel all their emotions during healing: understanding that we manifest our thoughts, it is important to think positively in order to manifest a positive life. And it is also essential not to suppress negative thoughts and emotions as doing […] Read more »