Sexual Attraction: The do’s and don’ts

sexual attraction

I receive many enquiries about whether one can attract one’s life partner in one session, become an irresistible chick-magnet in one empowerment, or go from total failure in love to being the most loved person in the world through one spell. I want to explain why that is not practical and what is actually required […] Read more »

Karma: momentum and value

Good karma: Bad karma: momentum and healing

Good karma: Bad karma? Karma is often described as action or learning. Another descriptive word I want to add is momentum. Karma is the momentum you have set in motion one way or another, that once started, continues in the same direction. In its simplest form, upward momentum is when you successfully create something, and […] Read more »

Removing Blocks to Success Part 2: Weeding and Cultivating Futures

Co-create your future

Before Newton, the mechanical view of the Universe was unknown, and it has been disproved time and time again. Modern science sees cause in the future (Google Future Causality or Retrocausality for some references). Every experience is a double quantum wave between here and a future. If something doesn’t have a future, it can’t be […] Read more »

Iridology, Ego and Egregores

Iris Chart - Aziz Shamanism

Body Electronics Intensive – Day 4 Transcription Koh Phangan, Thailand – February, 2017 Iridology and Body Electronics Begins with a talk on iridology. There are seven zones of the iris. There is also a frilly band around the pupil about a third of the way out. When you press points you are also releasing genetic memories. […] Read more »

Anger, Guilt, Rage, Shame, Pain: Moving and growing through the layers

Negative Emotion

Body Electronics Intensive – Day 3 Transcription Koh Phangan, Thailand – February, 2017   Nutrition and Supplements Before we talk about the nutritional stuff, I want to talk a bit about neuropeptides. They are what your brain uses (for neurons to communicate) – proteins break down into peptides and into amino acids. And there are also […] Read more »