Egyptian Magick Empowerments

Eye of Horus Activation

Egyptian magick spells - Eye of Horus paintingThis empowerment raises you to the fifth dimension, and builds the light body, which continually replenishes itself from Source. Afterwards, you will be more connected to Source, and all magickal abilities are increased.

Cost: £40

Mantra Activation

You will be empowered to use a simple mantra, which basically means “The Soul lives”. This helps you stay above the illusion, and in touch with your spiritual essence. It builds faith, which is the basic precursor to all miraculous powers.

Cost: £10


Egyptian goddess Ahara with hieroglyphics in the background

This is a simple healing system from Isis and Bast. You will be given a few symbols, to connect to Source, cleanse and renew, build strong boundaries, and release karma.

Cost: £30

Isis Seichim

Egyptian goddess IsisThis is an attunement to the healing power of Isis.

Cost £30

Sekhmet Seichim

Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Seichim
This is an attunement to the power of Sekhmet. Very powerful for purification, and the destruction of negative forces, entities, black magick etc.

Cost: £30

Goddess Attunements

You can be attuned to a particular Goddess, so that you feel their presence and power much faster. This will give   you the ability to call upon them to work their magick. I can attune you to Isis, Sekhmet, Maat, Qetesh or Hathor.

Cost: £20 for each goddess.

Goddess :

If you would like to undergo initiation with a particular deity and work at a deeper level, please read my article Preparing for Initiation – Egyptian Magick & Vedic.