Magick: The Faerie and Dragon Path Home Study Course

This powerful home study course takes you on a series of shamanic journeys and initiations into faery and dragon magick. It consists of recordings of the weekend Courses on Magick, with written notes, and all necessary attunements and empowerments.

Each course was designed to be taken over a weekend, but you can now do them in your own time. The courses include very large sound files that consist of discussion, guided meditations and journeys, and distant empowerments.

The following courses are currently available for purchase and download (more will be added soon).

Dragon Magick Course

A powerful initiation into the magick of these incredible ancient beings. Dragons are the oldest and most primordial form of the Gods, and have a power that is free from the limitations of the lower worlds. By learning their language, runes and spells, their power can be accessed safely and harnessed to change your reality. This involves a life-changing journey to the pure beauty that is the beginning of creation.

Cost: £75

Faery Magick Course

We begin by exploring the elementals and the aethers, and then journey further into the faerie realm; a world of magick that takes us far beyond the limits of the rational mind. Awaken the unfamiliar senses, and form a profound connection to all nature and to magick itself. You will harness the magick through herbs, charms, dance and the faerie runes.

Cost: £75

Darkness Course

We cannot go far into our spiritual development without facing the dark forces in our unconscious minds. These forces work according to well-defined laws, for which we punish ourselves if we break them. When we discover and release these dark laws, we grow beyond all previous limits, and many obstacles vanish from our lives. We will encounter the shadow in a magickal way, and meet dark elves and learn their runes.

Cost: £75

Ritual and High Magick Course

This is a series of initiations that uncover your ultimate drive and true will, while going deeper into shadow and forgiving your deepest shame. This journey takes you into the liminal, the space between all worlds, neither inside nor outside of time or space, and into the imaginal realm; a place of wild, unharnessed creativity where imagination imagines itself. Through discovery of the magician’s lair, you will be able to harness magick like never before.

Cost: £75

Faery Initiations

We will re-enter the faery realm and undergo initiations in the four cities, led by the muses, the glamours, the ancient ones and the shining ones. In the process we overcome our deepest resistances to love and magick; and then have power conferred upon you at the level of a true master.

Cost: £75

The Shining Ones

We will meet the Shining Ones of the Faerie realm and of Sirius and Egypt. By encountering these beings of light that are beyond form or concept, we change at the level of the soul, and our truer self becomes more than it has been. We will awaken a magick of being, and of metamorphosis and transcendence.

Cost: £75

Crystal Journeys

We will connect with the spirit of a crystal in a very deep and profound way and let them open doors into other dimensions. We can then form alliances of co-creation that allow our magick to work with greater ease and success. When the full magick of the crystal is unlocked, you will harness vast amounts of power.

Cost: £75

Confluence of the Magicks: Gateways to the Mystical Other

This is the final piece of the jigsaw that brings together all the components of magick into something far greater than the sum of its parts. Entering the Faerie realm and standing upon the Mystic Mill, we will open all the doors of magick, which will allow your magick to become more powerful than ever before.

Cost: £75